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Blood Flow Testing, as well as, Nerve Testing for the legs and feet.

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There are specific characteristics to look for when buying a quality sneaker or shoe.  The proper footwear can be crucial in comfort, function and overall outlook.  

Firstly, you want to make sure the fit is correct both in the length and the width of the shoe.  Some shoes will come in a regular and a wide width.  in rare cases, you can find a narrow and extra-wide option as well.  New Balance sneakers range from B width, which is narrow, to a very wide 6E.  This allows the buyer to really get the proper fit for his or her foot.  

Secondly,  a shoe should provide a good amount of arch support.  New Balance sneakers score high in this category as well.  

Thirdly, good cushioning and shock absorption is important.   This characteristic is not just important for the feet, but also for the other joints of the body.   Often, knee or back pain can result from wearing shoes that lack proper shock absorption.  New Balance sneakers provide a lot of cushioning.  Running sneakers will have the most.

Finally, adaquate space in the toe box is important to prevent rubbing or pressure on the toes and forefoot.  Most sneakers provide this and ofcourse, New Balance does as well.

Now you understand why at East Avenue Podiatry we love New Balance Sneakers so much.   It is because we love our patients!