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Blood Flow Testing, as well as, Nerve Testing for the legs and feet.

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It is a question often asked  by a patient as I am caring for their feet.  Many seem curious why someone would choose to take care of feet for a career.  I certainly understand this curiousity.  My decision was not made so I would be called, "Dr. Lonnie Resnick".   Nor was it because I desired another four years of school after college.   It started with my natural interest in science and the human body.  Becoming a biology major was the only choice for me.  Then the decision became whether to go into research, teach or practice some form of medicine.  I chose the latter because the one on one human interaction and the ability to provide comfort and healing was appealing.  So why podiatry?  As president of the pre-med club in college, I invited doctors of different specialties to come speak.  I was surprised to discover that many of these doctors did not seem enthusiastic about the work they did.  It was the podiatrist who showed passion for his field. I liked the idea of treating patients of all ages.   I loved the concept of a patient coming into my office in pain or discomfort and leaving with a big smile because their condition was so improved in one visit.  I learned how podiatrists can improve the performance of athletes and the leading role they play in protecting diabetics from complications, including loss of limb.  It appeared  to be a rewarding field in so many ways.  After 20 years in my own practice and 3 years of working in another practice prior, I can honestly say that I made a wonderful decision.  I can not think of any other career I would rather be in.  I am truly grateful.