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Blood Flow Testing, as well as, Nerve Testing for the legs and feet.

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Those warm summer nights are coming to a close and it is time for the pre-school shopping spree.  Among those items our little ones may need are new shoes.  I would like to help you buy shoes that will be healthy for the young one.   The following are features to look for in any new shoes.  Ofcourse, proper fit is essential.  It is important to make sure the shoe has a proper width, as well as length.  Some shoes will come in various widths.  New Balance sneakers range from A width to 6E.  The next feature to look for is a good amount of arch support.  Our feet were never meant to function on the hard surfaces we walk on.  They still would prefer sand or grass.  Proper arch support is essential to maintain the foot in a proper position throughout the gait cycle.  Next, a solid heel counter.  If you hold the back part of the shoe and squeeze it, the shoe should not easily fold in.  Another characteristic of the shoe is that it should bend in a similar fashion as your foot.  Therefore, if you bend the toe portion of the shoe upwards, it should not fold up in the middle of the arch, but slightly behind where you toes would be.  I hope this is helpful.  For a more accurate description, visit us at East Avenue Podiatry in Norwalk, CT.  We are located at 148 East Ave., Suite 1D, Norwalk, Connecticut, 06851   Call 203-853-6570 or email at [email protected]