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Blood Flow Testing, as well as, Nerve Testing for the legs and feet.

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Webster defines podiatry as, " the medical care and treatment of the human foot."  A podiatrist would be a doctor that performs this care and treatment.  The field of podiatry has evolved tremendously over the years.  Podiatrists now go to 4 years of graduate school and then participate in 3 years of residency.  They truly are the experts when it comes to feet.  It would surprise many to know that the scope of practice is determined on a state by state basis.  One state may allow soft tissue care up to the knee and ankle surgery, while another may only allow care below the ankle.  When it comes to evaluation and treatments of the foot, podiatrists have almost unlimited restrictions.  Podiatrists can perform surgery, prescribe medicine and dispense durable medical equipment.  All kinds of diagnostic tools can be used including x-rays, diagnostic ultrasound, MRI, CAT scans, as well as software and machines to test circulation and nerve function.  At East Avenue Podiatry, myself, Dr. Lonnie Resnick, strive to provide care in as conservative manner as possible.  I believe that surgery is a last resort.  Having stated that, there are certain conditions that can only be cured by surgery.  I truly believe all those seeking surgical management of a foot problem would be wise to seek out a surgically trained podiatrist.  Who is better to treat a foot surgically or conservatively than a doctor that sees feet all day long.  Podiatrists are serving an important function by treating the foot needs of the population.  Often foot conditions and imbalances will lead to issues in other body parts such as knees, hips or backs.  I urge everyone to call East Avenue Podiatry at 203-853-6570 and get a foot exam today.  So much of what we do is preventative and you will not regret making that appointment.