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Blood Flow Testing, as well as, Nerve Testing for the legs and feet.

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Sure it is cold outside and those Uggs boots feel so nice and soft on your feet.   Your feet remain toasty in them.  This is all good, right?  Yes and no.  Keeping your feet warm in the cold weather is important.  The circulation to the feet is often not great because of the fact that your feet are so far away from your heart.  Many people have conditions where the small blood vessels in the extremities close down when exposed to cold temperatures.  Others suffer from diabetes, which can compromise circulation.   So again, keeping your feet warm is important.  The problem with Uggs boots is the lack of support.  There is little to no arch support and the materials around the heel is so soft that it does not control the heel motion during ambulation.  Lack of support can lead to tired feet and legs, bunion, painful arches and lower back pain among other problems.  The other problem with Uggs type boots is that they can become a breeding ground for bacteria.  The lack of socks allows for a warm, moist environment that is prime for bacterial growth.  My best advice is not to throw out your Uggs, but to limit their use.  Here is to staying both warm and healthy!