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Blood Flow Testing, as well as, Nerve Testing for the legs and feet.

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Many of our patients are presenting to the office sporting various styles of boots. The podiatrist's job is to educate the patients on the importance of footware being healthy, as well as stylish.  The basic qualities we look for in all shoes apply to boots as well.  The boot should be the proper width, as well as length.  There should be good arch support built in and the heel counter should be strong.  A lower heel or no heel is preferable.  The boot should bend in the correct location behind the toes during ambulation.   

So what about Uggs?  I will admit that they score high on warmth and comfort.   The soft material is soothing.  The materials used are of a good quality.   However, there is minimal arch support and the heel counter isn't very firm.  The sole of the boot has adequate cushioning.   In summary, enjoy those Uggs, but please don't make them your everyday boot!