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Blood Flow Testing, as well as, Nerve Testing for the legs and feet.

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Warts are caused by a virus which enters under the skin.   The virus can not penetrate intact skin.  Any break in the skin, such as a scratch or puncture injury, may allow the virus to enter.  Warts on the bottom of the feet, often referred to as plantar warts, are stubborn and not easy to eliminate.  This is because the virus has such a nice environment to thrive in.  A dark,  moist habitat is perfect.  Furthermore, as we walk and the weight of our bodies hit the ground, the wart tends to grow inward.  This is why they can become painful.   It is like walking on a pebble.  Topical medicines consist of applying salicylic acid everyday or every other day to the warts.  This is available over the counter at the pharmacy.   The acid slowly eats away at the wart.  The problem exists that because of the foot's environment and the thickness of plantar warts, this may not be enough to rid you of the wart.  You are leaving out a very important middle man, the podiatrist.  At East Avenue Podiatry, I shave down as many layers as possible in the office and apply an even stronger acid to the area.  This allows deeper penetration of the salicylic acid being applied at home.  The office treatment is generally painless, but can be mildly discomforting.  By working as partners,  we can achieve success.  If you suspect you have a wart, call us at 203-853-6570 for an appointment so we can properly diagnose it and give you all the treatment options.