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Blood Flow Testing, as well as, Nerve Testing for the legs and feet.

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Gel pads for the innersoles of shoes are readily available.  They do serve a useful purpose.   The pads provide added cushioning and can help people who have areas under their feet that are taking too much pressure when they walk.   An example would be an older person whose natural fat pad has thinned out.  Another example would be a woman wearing high-heeled shoes all the time for work and needing some cushioning under the forefoot.   At our office, we offer both high quality over the counter orthotics and also custom made orthotics.  These products can also be made to offer cushioning when needed.  They are more effective in properly balancing the foot and therefore dispersing pressure more naturally.  By supporting the arch area, pressure is alleviated in the forefoot region.  They also have the benefit of controlling the heel position, which plays a large role in positioning the rest of the foot.  It is my opinion, that the best option generally is an orthotics that controls foot position with cushioning built into it.  That is the best of all worlds.  Please visit your foot doctor (podiatrist) for a proper evaluation of what will work best for you.   East Avenue Podiatry in Norwalk, CT is a convenient stop.   Call 203-853-6570 for an appointment or visit our website at