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Blood Flow Testing, as well as, Nerve Testing for the legs and feet.

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When I was growing up, doctors were viewed with great respect and were top income earners in society.  Today, the level of respect and income has decreased.  A recent NY Times article revealed statistics showing that healthcare dollars are being distributed differently than many would believe.  The highest earners in the system are no longer the providers of the care.  Administrators are the winners.  This includes people who are employees of insurance companies, hospitals and other healthcare administrative groups.  Obamacare has benefited these people further at the expense of doctors and patients.  I show up to work everyday with the health of my patient my number one priority.  The new burdens put on doctors, such as complying with meaningful use requirements for electronic health records, risks harming the level of patient care.  You may notice many of your doctors appear more concerned with clicking the correct box on a computer or tablet than really getting to your problem.  This involves them performing the tasks required to show they are using the electronic healthcare system.  The government will punish doctors with lower reimbursements who do not display they are performing these tasks and recording specific data about their patients.  An example, as a podiatrist I need to record height, weight, smoking history and even information on ethnic background on a significant percentage of my patients.  I believe it is best to leave the doctor the freedom to decide the most relevant information to obtain to care for his or her patient.  My focus has remained on the care of my patient's condition.  At East Avenue Podiatry, providing top care remains our mission and while we will comply with all regulations, we will not let them diminish care.  I urge you, the patient, to support doctors in anyway you can.  Please understand that for all of us to continue to receive top healthcare in this country, doctors need to be able to practice free of extra burdens, no matter how well intended.   They need to be reimbursed fairly.   There are more and more doctors refusing to accept medicare because the reimbursement rates have essentially been flat for so many years.  This is unacceptable. Doctors are the best advocates for their patients and we need to support ourselves by supporting them.  The future quality of healthcare for all of us and our families depend on it!