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June 02, 2015
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It is time to get ready for those hot and humid summer days.  There will be plenty of visits to the beach and pool.  The summer does present certain risks to our feet.  Before venturing out, it is important to consider protecting our feet.  The first consideration would be what kind of shoe gear to wear.  The basic characteristic that we look for in a quality shoe applies for every season.  Ideally, shoes should be both supportive in the arch area and provide some cushioning.  The shoes should properly fit the feet both for width and length.  Finally, the materials used to make up the shoes should be high quality and allow for proper ventilation.  A good quality running or walking sneaker fits all these requirements and is always a safe bet.  I am not a fan of minimalist type sneakers.  I believe that we need more supportive based on the unnatural, hard surfaces we walk on  I do understand that during summertime there will be times when a sneaker or closed shoe will be too cumbersome.  There are many sandals that are now available on the market that supply a good amount of arch support.  I would highly recommend staying away from flip-flops.  Our magazines are full of articles discussing the complications of wearing flip-flops.  Please remembo apply sunblock to your feet when in sandals or open shoes.   I always suggest to my patients that what you wear on your feet is crucial for foot comfort and also to align the rest of the spine properly.  Many people have back pain or knee pain that is stemming from improper balance during the gait cycle.  So please stick to good quality, supportive shoes, such as sneakers, as often as possible.  Feel free to let your feet air out in a high quality, supportive sandal on occasion and enjoy the summer months.