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March 02, 2014
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Our clocks "spring ahead" on March 9th.  Its been a long, cold, snowy winter, but spring is really around the corner.   I've blogged about the risks of frostbite and the importance of keeping your feet warm.  We have discussed proper winter shoes and the pros and cons of Uggs and similar boots.  Like all the seasons and so many other things in life, spring will present opportunities along with risks.  The warmer temperatures will allow us  to wear less cumbersome shoes.  Late spring will bring on open toed shoes and sandals.  There will be more days we can wear supportive sneakers.   The added daylight time allows us to enjoy the great outdoors longer and increase our activity level.  However, April showers and melting snow puts the feet at risk of becoming wet.  Bacteria and fungus love the dark, moist environment present inside our shoes, even under good conditions.  It is essential to dry feet well and change out of wet socks and shoes as soon as possible.  Waterproof boots and shoes or covering shoes with rubber enclosures are highly advisable in these environments.  Many women will begin to wear lighter shoes as the temperatures warm.  Please remember the importance of good arch support.  When evaluating a shoe, be sure to notice that there is some arch support built into the shoe and that the heel counters are sturdy.  This allows the heel to be stabilized and prevent overpronation (extreme flattening of the arches).   Those that are benefitting from the use of over the counter and custom made inserts (orthotics) should be sure to switch them from shoe to shoe.  Finally, as we approach late spring, it is beneficial to wear shoes that "breath well".  Most of the quality sneakers available allow air to pass through the upper part of the sneaker.  This allows moisture to escape and prevents the feet from excessive sweating.  So lets take advantage of the spring and enjoy the weather to walk more in a healthy way for our feet, as well as our heart and lungs.  Can't wait to see you out there!