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By contactus
June 05, 2012
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In looking forward to seeing my high school age son play baseball today, I became focused on the large amount of young athletes presenting to my office with foot pain secondary to wearing cleats.  Unlike the quality sneakers out today, cleats are very nonsupportive.  Heel and arch pain often result.  It is important to consider the arch support present when purchasing cleats.  The use of over the counter arch supports or custom made orthotics may be invaluable as a preventative measure against this sort of pain.

Athletes have a high incidence of skin rubbing while in cleats.  This can lead to painful blisters or worse.  Be sure to pay attention to getting cleats with the proper width, as well as length.  The use of Band aids are very helpful in areas of rubbing.  The combination of the activity of sport and playing on wet fields can lead to another common condition known as Athlete's Foot.   We suggest utilizing some powder in the cleats to maintain a level of dryness.

So go out there and participate in sports.  The benefits are enormous.  Focusing on your feet and cleats will allow you to enjoy the activity even more.