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Blood Flow Testing, as well as, Nerve Testing for the legs and feet.

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Running is a wonderful way to get aerobic exercise.  It keeps the heart pumping and the lungs breathing.  It also represents an inexpensive way to stay healthy.  A good pair of running sneakers and you are on your way.  There are definitely safety concerns when it comes to running.  Many injuries that we see on a regular basis result from running.  Some are of the immediate type such as sprains, bruises or fractures.   Many are slow developing after years of running, such as arthritis.  The good news is the risk of developing these conditions can be reduced.  I am constantly recommending good running shoes.  I am especially happy with New Balance sneakers.   I feel New Balance shoes tend to fit the feet very well.   They come in all widths as well as lengths.   A proper width is just as important as the proper length.  All the major sneaker companies make a full line of running shoes.  I suggest buying the sneakers at a quality sneaker store where you can discuss with the sales associate your running needs.   Different shoes are better for people with flat feet vs high arches.  The amount of miles you run in a week will also help determine which sneaker is best for you.  Minimalist type sneakers have been popular recently.  These are sneakers that give less support and are supposed to simulate barefoot running.  While barefoot running is most natural in theory, please remember that we are usually running on hard surfaces, which are not natural.   My experience has been many injuries, including sprains, plantar fasciitis and stress fractures occur in people running in these shoes.   The shoes may work well for some depending on their foot type.  With all runners, gradually increasing your intensity is highly recommended.  A proper evaluation by your podiatrist can help you enjoy running while limiting the injury potential.   I am a big fan of speed walking.   By walking at a brisk pace, great aerobic benefits will result.  There is a lot less risk of injury with speed walking.  Regardless of your activity, please utilize our services at East Avenue Podiatry in Norwalk, CT.  The phone number is 203-853-6570 and the website is  A podiatrist's job is to help you with the quality of your life and keep you moving into your very old age.  Now get out there and enjoy the warmer weather!