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Blood Flow Testing, as well as, Nerve Testing for the legs and feet.

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I know  I cannot speak for all podiatrists, but most of the ones I know love New Balance sneakers.  I have personally been a big advocate for them for years.  When looking for the best shoe to wear health wise, there are a few considerations.  Proper fit is essential.  Even a well constructed shoe that does not fit well will cause issues.  How many times have I heard my patients complaining how difficult it is for them to get a good fitting shoe.  Maybe they can get the length correct, but they may have very narrow or wide feet.   Here lies the beauty of New Balance sneakers.  They come in a wide range of widths.  The widths range from very narrow all the way to a 6E.  The days of having to get a shoe or sneaker too long to accommodate a wide foot are over.  Proper width really is crucial both for comfort and function.  Many painful conditions of the foot are exasperated when the width is not correct.  Arch support is also important in analyzing a shoe.  Feet that flatten out too much on ambulation often result in painful arches or heels.   Over time, deformities such as bunions and hammertoes may develop.  Some style New Balance sneakers have more arch support than others.  Some people will not tolerate a very high arch. I suggest to my patients that they go to a New Balance store when purchasing.  The staff there is best equipped to make sure you get the proper sneaker for your foot.  There is a great New Balance store in New Canaan.  The owners have been in the business for many years and have a good understanding of proper foot function.  I want what is best for my patients and I always have confidence when they go to the New Canaan New Balance store they will be properly cared for and leave with the best shoe possible.   At this point, I should be clear that I have no financial interests in the New Balance company or the store in New Canaan.  New Balance also provides sneakers with a good amount of shock absorption.  This is important in today's world because we are walking and running on hard surfaces which are not natural for our feet.  We are really meant to be on softer surfaces such as grass and sand.  To be fair,  most sneaker companies do provide products with good cushioning.  Finally, New Balance utilizes high quality materials and many of their sneakers are made right here in the United States.   It is a throw back to my childhood to look at a product and see Made in the USA.  Besides giving me a feeling of pride, I still think it is likely to be better constructed than a  made in China sneaker.  That is just a personal opinion.  New Balance, like the other top sneaker companies, provide sneakers geared for different activities.   For example, you will find running shoes, walking shoes, cross trainers and tennis shoes.  This is another reason why it is best to buy the shoe from a store with the most understanding of feet and your personal needs.  Too many of my patients boast about getting a great deal and it turns out they bought the wrong shoe for their feet because they ventured out on their own without help.  So lets enjoy the warm weather with lots of activities and comfortable feet!  A properly fitting New Balance sneaker will give you a great opportunity to stay active and pain free.