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Blood Flow Testing, as well as, Nerve Testing for the legs and feet.

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Peripheral vascular disease (PVD) refers to a decrease in the blood flow to the extremities.  Good blood flow is important as the blood delivers oxygen and important nutrients to the structures of the foot.  Good blood flow is crucial to healing of injuries to the lower extremity.  There are many causes of PVD such as smoking, genetics, a diet high in fats and certain diseases, such as diabetes.  At East Avenue Podiatry, we see many patients with PVD.  The role of the podiatrist is to examine the feet of these patients for possible risks and to care for the toenails and any corns, calluses or pressure spots.  I am proud of the preventative role podiatrists play.  Ucerations, or open sores, can develop in these patients.  They typically will not heal in a timely manner.  Patients need to be educated on proper shoes and footcare.  Any corns or calluses need to be removed as they eventually could lead to ulcerations.  Toenail problems, such as ingrown nails or fungal nails, need to be treated as well.  PVD is very common in people with diabetes.   It should be noted that diabetes is the leading cause of amputation in the United States.  Patients with PVD will often notice a feeling of coldness in their feet and/or exaggerated pain.  The podiatrist has the role of lowering the risks of complications in the feet.   We will often work with a vascular surgeon.   Vascular surgeons can increase the blood flow to the feet with medications and/or surgery.  I suggest walking or another aerobic exercise on a regular basis to increase circulation.  Ofcourse,  ceasing to smoke is essential.  At East Avenue Podiatry, we offer vascular testing to determine if peripheral vascular disease is present and if so how severe it is.  Be proactive.   Call for an appointment if you have any concerns at 203-853-6570.