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Blood Flow Testing, as well as, Nerve Testing for the legs and feet.

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Many of our female patients at East Avenue Podiatry like to frequent the local nail salons.  After all, it is summer and open toed shoes are the style of the season.  I am often asked about the safety of receiving a pedicure from a nail salon.  I believe that the majority of the salons in our area do sterilize their tools well and while risks of infection are a possibility, they aren't high.  We do periodically see patients coming in with an injury or infection following a visit to the nail salon.  The problems usually arise when the pedicurist is being too aggressive in their service.  I like to say their job is to make the nails look pretty and our job is to keep the toes healthy and pain free.  The problems often arise when the pedicurist is trying to treat a problem, such as an ingrown toenail.  I have also seen cuticle issues.  The cuticle plays an important function.  It prevents dirt and bacteria from entering the body at the base of the nail.  It the cuticle is pushed back too far, the chances of infection increase.  Many of my patients see me first to care for their feet and then go for a pedicure the next day.  My best advise is to leave the podiatry care to us and allow the pedicurist to trim and file the nails and paint them only.   Another wise move would be to buy your own instruments for the pedicurist to use on your visits.   By utilizing the podiatrist and the pedicurist, you can have healthy and pretty feet.