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June 05, 2013
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The feet are very susceptible to insect bites.  Often in the summer we wear open shoes or sandals.  Insect bites are a form of injury that results in puncture wounds or lacerations made by insects.  Insects often inject formic acid, which can trigger a reaction, including redness, swelling, pain or itching.   There is always a risk of an allergic reaction which can potentially be life threatening.  

The first line of defense against insect bites is not leaving skin exposed.   Socks and closed shoes go a long way in creating a barrier to the insect.  Utilizing insect repellient is also very effective.  Some sunblocks also come with insect repellient.  

Most insect bites result in a small, itchy bump forming.  They can be treated at home and usually are gone within a few days.   I suggest applying ice to the area of the insect bite to counter inflammation.  Steroid creams are also effective and relieve itching.   A person who has an allergic reaction or severe reaction may need to see a doctor for more powerful medications to counter the reaction.  Do not hesitate to see a doctor if in doubt.   This is definitely a case of better safe than sorry.