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By contactus
July 27, 2012
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The summertime is here and opportunity abounds for outdoor fun.  The summer also poses risks to your feet that can inhibit the enjoyment of the season.  As the temperature increases, there is a tendency to wear more sandals.  Many people forget to apply sunblock to the tops of their feet which are angled perfectly for direct sunlight.  Moderate to severe burns will inhibit the ability to move about freely and pose a risk of infection.  The open shoes also allow insects easy access to your feet.  Ants, spiders and mosquitos find open skin near the ground a great opportunity to feast.  I would suggest utilizing closed shoes as evening approaches and apply an insect repellient if that is not possible.  Lastly, flip flops and other non-supportive sandals risk the development of painful arches and heels, as well as other issues.  Please see my entry entitled, "Beware the Flip Flops".  There is a reason us foot doctors love running sneakers!   So please take the basic precautions mentioned here and enjoy the summer.  It will be over before you know it.