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Blood Flow Testing, as well as, Nerve Testing for the legs and feet.

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The unofficial start of summer has arrived and the forecast is calling for hot weather.  This time of year wearing sandals and taking beach trips are popular.  Protecting your feet from the effects of the sun and the dangers of the ground surface are important.  It is essential to apply sunblock to all exposed areas of skin, including the feet.   All too often, we have patients present with a sunburn on the top part of their feet because they forgot to cover them with sunblock.  When walking on sand, it is preferable to have beach shoes or sandals instead of bare feet.  The sand can reach high temperatures that can result in burns.   Also, there are many objects you do not want to step on including sharp shells, stones, broken glass and needles.  So enjoy the wonderful summer in a safe manner and be sure to call Dr. Lonnie Resnick at 203-853-6570 at the first sign of any foot issues.