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February 07, 2013
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The dead of winter is here and the forecast is for cold and snow.  Dressing in layers is the way to prevent hypothermia.  Hypothermia can occur in 15 to 30 minutes if not properly dressed.  The risk of frostbite to the tips of the ears, as well as the fingers and toes is significant in these weather conditions.  High risk body parts often have limited blood supply, are small in size and lack protection from the cold.  Frostbite's first symptom will often present as pain in the involved body part.  The area will eventually present with a red, blue or black color if care is not rendered.  Prevention includes keeping the suseptable body parts covered.   Warm socks and shoes or boots are essential to protect the feet.  Gloves and hats or earmuffs covering the ears protect those areas.  Take breaks indoors if possible.  The risk of frostbite increases tremendously if the body part gets wet.  Treatment consists of getting into a warm place and slowly warming the body part.   Running luke warm water over the area is proper.   Never go straight to using hot water or tissue damage will result.  Prevention and early treatment is essential to prevent permanent tissue damage and often loss of the body part.   So enjoy the winter activities in a safe manner and stay warm.