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By contactus
May 21, 2012
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As I sit in my office looking out the window and observing the puddles forming from the rain, I feel the urge to educate the public on the importance of drying one's feet well.  Our feet are often wet from bathing or showering, swimming, stepping in a puddle or most often, sweating.  A persistant wet state creates a great environment for fungus to thrive.   This often leads to Athlete's Foot and/or toenail fungus.  Blisters may also result from moisture combined with skin rubbing in a shoe.

Podiatrists all have offices filled with patients seeking relief from these conditions.   These conditions are treatable but can be stubborn, especially toenail fungus.   So the moral of today's blog entry is to dry those feet well and let them "air out" whenever possible. If necessary change your socks during the day.  So stay dry and enjoy life without added discomfort.