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Blood Flow Testing, as well as, Nerve Testing for the legs and feet.

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My wife and I just helped move our first born into his college dorm room.  In the controlled chaos of trying to buy all that our children need for college, footwear can be overlooked.  Ofcourse, some of this is personal preference and style.  Most boys will care less than women about what they wear on their feet.   They will also likely have a lot less shoes.   For my son, sneakers are the choice of the day.  As a podiatrist, I often advise my patients, family and friends to wear a good walking or running sneaker as often as possible.  I especially like New Balance because they tend to fit feet well.  They come in many widths extending from a narrow A to 6E.  These type of shoes also provide good arch support and cushioning.  Our college students should also have boots to deal with wet and snowy conditions.  OK, if they are at Arizona State University, these may not be needed.  I would also suggest some sort of flip flop.  Now, if you follow my blogs, you will be surprised to hear me say this.  Flip flops provide no support and are awful for our feet.  I do not want to see anyone wear them as the shoe of the day.  The purpose for the college student is to wear them into the public showers.  The warm,  wet environment of these showers provide a perfect breeding ground for fungus and bacteria.  Wearing flip flops provide a layer of protection versus direct foot contact with the floor.  Well, I wish all our college students good luck with their studies and good health.