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September 21, 2013
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We have all exhibited nervousness when visiting a doctor's office.  After all, there does appear a lot to be nervous about.  What is the Dr. going to find wrong with me?  What treatments will I require?  Is the treatment going to be painful?  Will there be any side effects to medications I may need to take?  Will I feel embarrassed in any way?  These are all legitimate questions and concerns.  The great news is that the podiatrist is the one doctor that most people look forward to seeing.  A visit to the podiatrist usually results in improvement in one's condition almost immediately.  While there are certain conditions that take a lengthy time to fully resolve, there are also many instances where our patients leave the office feeling like $1 million.  Many of our treatments involve either directly mechanically improving the situation such as removing a corn or callous, or an ingrown toenail.  There are other treatments which will include utilizing a medication.  Most of the medications we use are for short-term use with limited side effects.  There are certain high-risk patients with diabetes and peripheral vascular disease that need to be concerned with any changes in her feet.  These patients can develop an infection which could rapidly lead to more complications.  However, the majority of our other patients are not facing serious conditions.  Most of what we do is alleviating discomfort and improving the quality of people's lives.  I am proud of the work that podiatrists do and also happy that patients can see these results and look forward to any future visits.  So please don't hesitate to call East Avenue Podiatry and visit the good Dr. Resnick.  We can't wait to help.