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Blood Flow Testing, as well as, Nerve Testing for the legs and feet.

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The most common cause of toenails that are thick, discolored and have debri under them is a condition called onychomycosis, fungus infection of the nails.  This condtion can lead to pain on pressure while in shoes.  In patients that are compromised with diabetes, poor circulation or a damaged imune system, it can lead to more serioius complications such as bacterial infections.  There are three treatment methods.   Medicine can be prescribed to apply topically to the nail two times a day for a period of months.  This method is very safe but has a low percentage of success.   Anti-fungal pills are another option.   They offer a good success rate but need to be taken for three months and liver enzymes must be followed with blood work.   In rare cases, the medicine has caused damage to the liver.   The final treatment option consists of laser therapy.   Laser therapy is relatively new.  There are many successful cases reported.   One to three treatments is all it takes.  We are now offering laser therapy here at East Avenue Podiatry.  The only negative is that the therapy is not covered by insurance companies.   It is great to have choices in therapy and you do not have to live with ugly toenails anymore!