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By contactus
June 25, 2012
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The weather is now warm and it is too easy to slide on those flip flops and be on your way.  Please don't make this mistake.  Podiatry magazines are full of articles about patients presenting with foot pain after a summer of walking with flip flops.  Many patients present to East Avenue Podiatry suffering as a result of the flip flops.  The problem with the flip flops is the lack of arch support and heel control during ambulation.  In many people, this imbalance will create stresses that will eventually lead to painful symptoms and injury.  Many of these patients present with heel and arch pain.   There are good quality sandals available which do offer more arch support and control.  I still love good quality sneakers for those days when it is not too hot.  If you want your feet to treat you right so you can enjoy the activities you like, you must take care of them.   So limit the flip flops for the pool and beach.