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April 21, 2013
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Bisters can be uncomforable, painful and basically make you miserable.  There is no reason to be slowed down for a condition that is preventable.  Blisters form due to a combination of rubbing on the skin and moisture.  These are two conditions which our feet frequently are exposed to.  Ill fitting shoes or cleats are a prime cause.  I would suggest always wearing new shoes in a controlled environment before venturing out for a full day of use.  This means wearing them around the house for a couple of hours.  The proper fit is essential.  If you sense areas of rubbing, it is helpful to apply a Band-aid to the area.  The Band-aid will absorb the friction, rather than your skin.  If a blister is present, appy antibiotic ointment and cover with a Band-aid.  Draining a blister is advised in some cases to alleviate discomfort.  This should be done with a sterile needle.   Only a small hole should be made.  Remember that there is always a risk of infection when you open the skin up.  Never take the entire roof of the blister off.  Ofcourse, the best cause of action is to visit your local podiatrist for the proper evaluation.