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December 10, 2013
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A fracture is a break in a bone and a stress fracture is a break in a bone as a result of continued stress..  In other words, it is not a fracture that results from direct trauma like a fall or being hit by an object.  Stress fractures found in the foot are relatively common.  When a person is ambulating with certain imbalances, stress can be accentuated in specific areas of bone.   This results in a slow weakening of the bone until ultimately it cracks.  It is for this reason that controlling the gait of individuals can be crucial in preventing stress fractures.   Podiatrists are ideally suited to do just this.  We often utilize proper shoes or shoe modifications to better balance the patient.  We also dispense over the counter and custom made orthotics for this purpose.  If you ever develop a stress fracture, it is not enough to just cast the area and allow it to heal.   Without analyzing and addressing the underlying cause, a new stress fracture will likely occur in the future.  It is also a good idea to have any foot pain that lasts more than a few day evaluated by a podiatrist.  Early detection of the issue will lead to a faster resolution.   Please feel free to contact us at or call the office at 203-853-6570 for an appointment.   East Avenue Podiatry is conveniently located and offers professional care in a pleasant and non-stressful environment.