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September 29, 2013
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The cold weather is just around the corner.  Our feet, being the furthest body part from the heart, is susceptible to the cold.  Exposure to cold can lead to frost bite.  This is a resulting tissue damage that in extreme cases can lead to gangrene and amputation.  Many people would be amazed that frostbite can set in after only a few minutes of exposure to very cold temperatures.   This occurs even faster if moisture is involved such as can happen easily with snow or rain.  People with circulation issues are even more at risk.  Some people who generally have good circulation have conditions like Raynaud's syndrome which causes the blood vessels to close down when exposed to cold temperatures.  People who smoke are also at high risk.  Moderate aerobic exercise on a regular basis can do wonders to increase circulation to the extremities.  If you find you are exposed to cold temperatures resulting in pain or numbness to the feet it is important to get to a warm area.  The feet can then be soaked in warm water.  Do not put your feet in hot water or tissue damage may result.   Warm them gradually.   Prevention is the best way to go.  Always be conscious of your surroundings and wear warm socks and shoes.  If the socks or feet get wet it is important to get out of the cold and change your socks and warm those feet.  I have seen frostbite fairly often at East Avenue Podiatry and I have also seen partial loss of feet as a result.   Be safe!

September 21, 2013
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We have all exhibited nervousness when visiting a doctor's office.  After all, there does appear a lot to be nervous about.  What is the Dr. going to find wrong with me?  What treatments will I require?  Is the treatment going to be painful?  Will there be any side effects to medications I may need to take?  Will I feel embarrassed in any way?  These are all legitimate questions and concerns.  The great news is that the podiatrist is the one doctor that most people look forward to seeing.  A visit to the podiatrist usually results in improvement in one's condition almost immediately.  While there are certain conditions that take a lengthy time to fully resolve, there are also many instances where our patients leave the office feeling like $1 million.  Many of our treatments involve either directly mechanically improving the situation such as removing a corn or callous, or an ingrown toenail.  There are other treatments which will include utilizing a medication.  Most of the medications we use are for short-term use with limited side effects.  There are certain high-risk patients with diabetes and peripheral vascular disease that need to be concerned with any changes in her feet.  These patients can develop an infection which could rapidly lead to more complications.  However, the majority of our other patients are not facing serious conditions.  Most of what we do is alleviating discomfort and improving the quality of people's lives.  I am proud of the work that podiatrists do and also happy that patients can see these results and look forward to any future visits.  So please don't hesitate to call East Avenue Podiatry and visit the good Dr. Resnick.  We can't wait to help.

September 05, 2013
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The world is always changing and no where is that more true than with healthcare in the United States.  I have seen many changes since I started practicing podiatry in 1990.  Many of these changes have been good ones as new technologies have made medicine more effective and efficient.  Treatments and the ability to diagnose conditions have improved with the use of new advances in machines and computers.  Medicine has become very costly in the United States due to the high cost of the new technologies, medicines and certain doctor fees.  The growing power and influence of insurance companies have resulted in huge profits in some cases and enormous bonuses and salaries for some of their executives.  In effect, some healthcare dollars have been switched from paying doctors and providing care to these salaries. The bottom line is that if the current system were to continue, it would eat up more and more of our national budget leading the system to eventually collapse.  Simple economics and politics are combining to create more change.  Obamacare is an attempt to expand healthcare to more of our citizens and to control costs.  I see both benefits and problems in the plan.  It definitely does expand coverage and there are certain protections, such as not allowing insurance companies to reject coverage due to a pre-existing condition, that are positives.  It does seem to create more choices of insurance coverage for people and competition, which should somewhat control costs.  The problem is that it costs a lot of money to insure so many new people.  There are new taxes to pay for subsidies.  This is a drag on the economy.  Many people are also being added to the medicaid population.  These people will receive subpar healthcare in many situations.  The plan also did very little to address tort reform.   Doctors are often forced to order tests to protect themselves against malpractice claims.  These tests are very expensive.   The burden of very high malpractice premiums also drives up the cost of healthcare.  Doctors are also being weighed down with new regulations and requirements.  I find that while the rewards of helping a patient achieve better health could not be more rewarding, the non-medical aspects of running a practice is draining.  There will certainly continue to be changes.  There is more responsibility than ever on the patient to pay for a larger share of their insurance and healthcare.  We must all speak up and voice any concerns to our politicians.  Many future changes will be determined by this input.  

Our feet were never meant to be in closed shoes and suffer the hot, humid climate they live in.   The result is a very high incidence of athlete's foot and fungal toenails.  We see people all day long at East Avenue Podiatry with these conditions.  The athlete's foot is rather easy to clear, but the fungal nails are more difficult.  Prevention is alway the best policy.  This means drying your feet well after washing and letting them "air out" whenever possible.  Remember, a moist environment allows fungus to thrive and multiple and a dry one has the opposite effect.  Powder to the inside of shoes will add to that dry environment.   It is also a good idea to change your socks if they are wet.  We carry an excellent spray product at the office which kills both bacteria and fungus.  We suggest a couple of sprays into the shoes at the end of the day.  Please call and schedule an appointment at 203-853-6570 for an evaluation of your feet and to receive proper care to maintain good health.