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Posts for: January, 2013

Imbalances in how we walk can not only lead to foot issues, but joint and muscle pain throughout the body.  Our patients are evaluated for proper foot alignment as they stand and walk.  Inserts placed in the shoes can often correct imbalances.  We have both custom made orthotics and factory made orthotics to offer our patients.  At East Avenue Podiatry, we provide the option of a high quality over the counter orthotic.  This is an insert which comes in different sizes, but is not made custom to the foot.  These inserts offer the patient a product that can correct many mild imbalances at a fraction of the cost of custom orthotics.  Like custom orthotics, they can be switched from shoe to shoe.  Because they are much less expensive, often patients will purchase multiple pairs and keep one in each of their commonly worn shoes.  Custom orthotics are made from a plaster mold of the patient's feet while the feet are held in a neutral position.  The podiatrist has a lot of options with these items.  They can be ordered different lengths and with different pads or posts built on them depending on the patient's needs.   The materials are top notch and the product will usually last a few years effectively vs 6 months for the over the counter inserts.  Many high level athletes use orthotics to prevent injury and increase performance.

So if you are suffering from foot pain or muscle and joint pain in other areas of the body, inserts could be your answer.  Please visit our office so you can be properly evaluated for the items that best fit your needs.  Custom orthotics and over the counter orthotics may allow you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Many of our patients are presenting to the office sporting various styles of boots. The podiatrist's job is to educate the patients on the importance of footware being healthy, as well as stylish.  The basic qualities we look for in all shoes apply to boots as well.  The boot should be the proper width, as well as length.  There should be good arch support built in and the heel counter should be strong.  A lower heel or no heel is preferable.  The boot should bend in the correct location behind the toes during ambulation.   

So what about Uggs?  I will admit that they score high on warmth and comfort.   The soft material is soothing.  The materials used are of a good quality.   However, there is minimal arch support and the heel counter isn't very firm.  The sole of the boot has adequate cushioning.   In summary, enjoy those Uggs, but please don't make them your everyday boot!

Custom orthotics are inserts made by taking a plaster mold of the patient’s feet while holding the feet in a neutral position.  The goal of utilizing custom-made orthotics is to maintain the feet in proper alignment during ambulation.  Orthotics provide the benefits of reducing foot pain, as well as back and joint pain in certain situations.  Many long-term biomechanical issues can be prevented by the use of custom orthotics.

Custom orthotics can also be designed for skis.  The goal of these orthotics are to provide stability to the foot during the various motions while skiing.  Regular shoe orthotics control the position of the foot joints from the time the heel hits the ground to the time the toes push off.   Ski orthotics are responsible for controlling side to side motion and maintaining support to the foot.  Many skiers have experienced greater comfort in their feet and the rest of their bodies while utilizing orthotics.

Many ski resorts will make ski orthotics for their clients at the site.  It is my opinion that it is best to visit your local podiatrist and utilize his or her expertise when seeking these types of orthotics.  The podiatrist also tends to use superior orthotic labs to fabricate the devices.

Here at East Avenue Podiatry, your foot comfort is of the utmost concern to us whether you are walking, running or skiing.  So please enjoy the winter in great comfort and don’t let foot pain inhibit your activities.