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We are excited to announce that starting Monday, December 3, 2018 we will be located at 148 East Avenue in Suite 1D.  Don't worry, it is right down the street from our old office and the new building is beautiful with tons of parking.  There is even a little cafe in the lobby.  We will be retaining our old phone number 203-853-6570.  Our new fax number will be 203-939-9779.  We always can be reached by email at [email protected]   We have also adjusted our hours to accomodate some of our patients after work.  The new hours are as follows:

Monday- 7:15AM-11:30AM,  2PM - 5PM

Tuesday- 10AM-1PM,  2PM-6:30PM

Wednesday- Closed

Thursday- 10AM-1PM,  2PM-6PM

Friday- 7:15AM-11:30AM,  2PM-5PM

Saturday- Every other Saturday from 8AM-11AM

We are excited to start seeing our patients at our new office.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact us to let us address them.

In good health,

Lonnie Resnick DPM

     We should be able to make it through the day without having our feet making us aware of them. Itching or painful feet can be quite a distraction. Furthermore, It these symptoms often result in a change in our gait. A change in gait puts undue stresses on multiple joints and can over work muscles. This can gradually lead to other areas of the body becoming injured and painful such as our knees, hips or back. Today, I would like to focus on causes of dryness and itching that are not related to athlete's foot. The most common condition I see in my office that presents this way besides athlete's foot is eczema. Eczema is not contagious. It will usually present as dry and scaling skin. It is generally considered to be an inherited condition. Any factors that seem to promote dryness will likely aggravate this condition. Over washing the skin or using harsh soaps can contribute to this condition as well. Low humidity is another factor. At East Avenue Podiatry, I have noticed that often this condition is worse in the winter. The appearance can also include a rash and sometimes various bumps on the skin. If scratched, these areas may ooze liquid. One of the best treatments for eczema is the use of topical hydrocortisone steroids. Steroids reduce itching and inflammation. Steroids come in many strengths and can be purchased over-the-counter or by prescription. Once the patient is improved, I will often recommend emollient type creams or lotions to help prevent dryness.
     There are other reasond feet can become dry and itchy such as allergic reactions which may be caused by an ingredient in the laundry detergent being used to clean the patient's clothes. This type of condition can also be relieved by steroid creams. However it is essential to eliminate the cause of the allergy as well. Psoriasis is a another condition to consider which often presents as scaling patches. This condition is best treated by prescription medications prescribed by either a dermatologist or podiatrist.
     The bottom line is that we generally do not have to live with these discomforting conditions. There are treatments and I encourage seeking professional help if you are suffering with these symptoms. We can be reached at East Avenue Podiatry by calling 203 – 853 – 6570 or at [email protected] Enjoy the summer.
Lonnie N Resnick DPM

July 17, 2017
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Did you ever wonder whether it is normal for your feet to itch?  Well it is not and we can take actions to prevent it.  First, it is important to understand why our feet sometimes itch.  There are multiple causes.  The most common cause during the summer months is a condition called tinea pedis, commonly known as "athletes foot".  This is a condition that results most often in skin that appears to be red and scaling.  The areas most often involved are the bottom of the feet and between the toes.   Fungal spores are virtually everywhere.  They are on the floor, inbedded in carpets and likely in our shoes.  Fungus loves dark, moist areas which explains why our feet are so susceptible.  It is not a coincidence that the areas of our feet with the greatest concentration of sweat glands is most affected.  So how do we prevent athletes foot.  We need to try to create an environment that fungus does not do well in.  The more we dry our feet well and allow them to breath, the lower the odds of contracting athletes foot.  It is worth taking the time to dry your feet thoroughly with a towel after showering or bathing and include the areas between your toes.  When home and relaxing, taking your shoes and socks off is also beneficial.  At East Avenue Podiatry, we often recommend our patients lightly powder their feet before putting socks on.  By the way, wearing most types of socks is beneficial while in shoes.  Cotton socks allow for good breathing, while nylons do not.  If you do contract athletes foot, treating with antifungal creams is usually effective.  Applying the cream 2-3 times a day for a few weeks will do the trick in most cases.  Lamasil and lotrimin cream are the two most popular over the counter creams and there are many that can be prescribed by a doctor.  In chronic cases, an oral antifungal may be utilized. The oral medicines available are somewhat toxic to the liver and therefore the patient needs to be monitored for liver function before starting the medicine and again if on them for any length of time.  Once the fungal infection is cleared, preventing a reoccurance is key.  My office carries an antifungal spray that can be used in shoes at the end of the day to kill off the fungal spores that are present.  So you see, there is no reason to suffer with the itching and discomfort of athletes foot.  Take these precautions and certainly call East Avenue Podiatry at 203-853-6570 for an appointment if symptoms continue.  Tune in next for other causes of itchy feet.

June 30, 2015
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After he long and hard winter, summer is here!  It is time to take advantage of the good weather and enjoy the many outdoor activities.  It is quite common for people to wear sandals in the warm weather and sometimes even go barefoot.  There has been an emphasis in recent years on utilizing sunblock to protect from skin damage and potential development of skin cancer.  A cream with a 30 SPF is recommended.  If swimming is involved, reapplication is important.  The tops of our feet are often ignored when applying sunblock.  It is crucial that this area of our bodies are protected.  The top of the feet are exposed to direct sunlight.  A sunburn is one of the quickest ways to inhibit the enjoyment of the summer. A severe sunburn can result in blistering and the risk of infection.  I would also like to take the time to remind everyone that even though it is summer, good, supportive type shoes should still be a priority.  When wearing sandals, stay away from flip-flops.  There are plenty of good quality sandals with arch support.  Teeva and Birkenstock are a couple of brands that we recommend.  There are other good ones as well.  I would also try to mix in wearing good, running style sneakers whenever possible.  The use of nonsupportive foot gear on a regular basis can lead to many painful conditions both in the short-term and the long-term.  So please support those feet because they support you!

June 02, 2015
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It is time to get ready for those hot and humid summer days.  There will be plenty of visits to the beach and pool.  The summer does present certain risks to our feet.  Before venturing out, it is important to consider protecting our feet.  The first consideration would be what kind of shoe gear to wear.  The basic characteristic that we look for in a quality shoe applies for every season.  Ideally, shoes should be both supportive in the arch area and provide some cushioning.  The shoes should properly fit the feet both for width and length.  Finally, the materials used to make up the shoes should be high quality and allow for proper ventilation.  A good quality running or walking sneaker fits all these requirements and is always a safe bet.  I am not a fan of minimalist type sneakers.  I believe that we need more supportive based on the unnatural, hard surfaces we walk on  I do understand that during summertime there will be times when a sneaker or closed shoe will be too cumbersome.  There are many sandals that are now available on the market that supply a good amount of arch support.  I would highly recommend staying away from flip-flops.  Our magazines are full of articles discussing the complications of wearing flip-flops.  Please remembo apply sunblock to your feet when in sandals or open shoes.   I always suggest to my patients that what you wear on your feet is crucial for foot comfort and also to align the rest of the spine properly.  Many people have back pain or knee pain that is stemming from improper balance during the gait cycle.  So please stick to good quality, supportive shoes, such as sneakers, as often as possible.  Feel free to let your feet air out in a high quality, supportive sandal on occasion and enjoy the summer months.

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